An introduction to the legal system of the United States

An introduction to the legal system of the United States

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fourth edition

Welcome to the study of American law. For nearly half a century, An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States has been a leading basic text on American law, read both by students in the United States and by students and lawyers around the world. Earlier editions of this book have been translated into twenty languages, and it has been studied in hundreds of universities, colleges, and schools in every corner of the globe. This book is popular because it is clear in describing the law, and it makes sense to a person who has not studied law before. Its simplicity is not simpleminded, however, and American law is presented rich with history and in its many categories, with an eye to explain its differences from the other legal systems of the world, as well as to make it sensible when either history or good sense is its origin. Another reason for its popularity, however, is the unusual grace and infl uence of its author, the great contracts lawyer and theorist, Allan Farnsworth.

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