Dimensions of Forensic Linguistics

Dimensions of Forensic Linguistics

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(AILA Applied Linguistics Series) John Gibbons, M. Teresa Turell - Dimensions of Forensic Linguistics-John Benjamins Pub (1)

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The purpose of this volume is to provide a guide to the multidisciplinary nature of Forensic Linguistics –t understood in its broadest sense as the interface between language and the law – that could be of interest for scholars, graduate students and professionals working in Applied Linguistics. This book seeks to address the links in Forensic Linguistics between theory, method and data, without neglecting the need for new research questions in the field. As the title of this collection implies, Forensic Linguistics, in its now widely accepted broader definition, has many aspects. Major areas of study include: the written language of the law, particularly the language of legislation; spoken legal discourse, particularly the language of court proceedings and police questioning; the social justice issues that emerge from the written and spoken language of the law; the provision of linguistic evidence, which can be divided into evidence on identity/authorship, and evidence on communication; the teaching and learning of spoken and written legal language; and legal translation and interpreting.

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